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Slow Money Inspires NI Advisors

We’ve featured the Slow Money movement in our newsletter and on this blog since its inception, and several Natural Investments advisors have been enthusiastic supporters of its national and regional groups, so it was no surprise to see two of our team featured in this article. Carrie vanWinkle helped form Slow Food Kentucky, where over 80 members now meet three times a year to connect small food operations with potential investors.

Slow Money steps it up with 3rd national gathering

By Jim Cummings Here at Natural Investing, we’ve been mighty inspired by the Slow Money movement from the moment Woody Tasch began sharing his earliest ponderings.  So we’re especially excited to be one of several sponsors of the 3rd Slow Money National Gathering, taking place in San Francisco this fall. Here’s how they describe themselves: […]

Slow Money takes root in Maine, NY, California

This is exciting: the vision behind Slow Money, which aims to provide ways for people to invest in local agriculture and economies, is quickly finding real-world expressions from coast to coast! Here’s an inspiring article about the No Small Potatoes “investment club” in Maine, which provides low-interest loans to farmers, a project of Slow Money Maine.  Similar […]

Slow Money to Speed Change

By Hal Brill In spite of all today’s economic challenges, this is an exciting time for values-based investors. The range of investments has grown from just a handful of SRI funds when we started in the 80’s to hundreds of values-based options. SRI has become a global movement, corporate responsibility is a mainstream issue, and […]

2018 Notable Highlights

Natural Investments, LLC welcomed five new advisors to the firm, expanding our company to twenty advisors across eleven states. We are cultivating the next generation of SRI leaders with wide-ranging expertise in sustainability, social justice, and impact investing.   Tiffany Brown, San Francisco, CA Kirbie Crowe, Greenville, SC Joel Koerner, Louisville, KY Kate Poole, Asheville, […]

Charitable Contributions

Natural Investments donates 1% of its annual gross revenues to green economy, sustainability, and social justice non-profit organizations. Here are some of our favorite recipients. is a leading climate action organization; they sponsor simultaneous grassroots education and advocacy events, have been leaders of the fossil fuel divestment movement, and share key climate science […]

NI Newsletter Winter 2016

Newsletter Contents Christopher Peck: Deep Retrofits Redux: Crunching the Numbers Scott Secrest: The Bull Takes a Break? Susan Taylor: What Do We Hope For? Hal Brill: Growing Resilience with Slow Money Download NI Newsletter Winter 2016 (pdf 4.7 Mb)

Get Your Dollars Dirty with Regenerative Investing

Sometimes we just want to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. Or at least invest in people who are! Some of the most forward-looking innovations in what we call “evolutionary investing” are taking place in very down-to-earth ways, working with “tangible assets” as familiar as life itself: trees, livestock, soil, and grass. […]

Wall Street Expands its Reach: Farming, Rental Markets at Risk

Wall Street is expanding its reach. In the years since the financial crisis, recovering markets and a flood of easy money from the Federal Reserve have encouraged large institutional investors to move into whole new sectors such as rental homes and farmland. Unfortunately, small farmers and homeowners are losing control of their futures while the […]

Community by Design: New model combines land trust, farmers co-op, customers

By Malaika Maphalala Out on the edges of Portland, in a pretty suburb called Sherwood, my friend Narendra Varma has established a noteworthy new model of community-based sustainable agriculture.  It’s an interesting, well thought out project that began with the lovely name “Community by Design.”  Having been a founding member of an intentional community, I […]