Scott Secrest, AAMS®

Scott focuses on investment and personal values alignment, clean technology and alternative energy investments, fossil fuel company divestment, sustainable retirement planning, and the overall building of durable financial prosperity for clients.

As an Accredited Asset Management Specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the investment industry, Scott is well prepared to assist with portfolio management, wealth accumulation for individuals and organizations, and retirement income planning.

Services | Portfolio Management ($100k minimum); 401(k)/403(b) Retirement Plans for Small Business or Non-Profit Organizations

Location | San Luis Obispo, California

Phone805-235-3031, toll-free 877-861-4161

Scott Secrest was born and raised in beautiful Colorado, which instilled in him a love for the fresh air and great outdoors.

In 1987 Scott earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado. It was here, educated by the progressive-minded, corduroy-clad professors of CU, that he became exposed to broader perspectives and the importance of considering the environmental and social results of our decisions and our ways of living.

Scott entered the investment business in 1988 in the mutual fund capital of the world, Boston, MA, where he learned the ropes in the investment business. He worked with the Colonial mutual fund company, as he watched the waters of the Charles flowing by and wondered if it were really true that principles and profit were mutually exclusive. Wasn’t there a better way?

He began to learn more about this question when he moved to San Francisco in 1990 to work for the socially responsible Working Assets mutual fund company (now known as Citizens Funds). As the company’s Dealer Sales Manager, Scott was intimately involved with the launch of three new Working Assets mutual funds and their introduction to the investment advisor community. Scott says, “I learned more about the subtle nuances of introducing new products to market than I could have in ten years of business school!”

While living in San Francisco, he developed a deep love for mountain biking. He couldn’t wait for the weekends to roll around, when he’d head for the cradle of mountain biking, the winding trails of Marin County, where he spent many days navigating the trails and fire roads overlooking the golden Pacific.

When Working Assets moved the operation back east, he left the company and went to work for Wells Fargo. There he gained important perspectives on the go-go practices and values of the major financial institutions. Scott managed a sales support desk with five licensed representatives who supported the Wells Fargo staff of investment advisors. He dealt daily with shifting priorities, egocentric senior executives, and more than a hundred demanding investment advisors who wanted it done yesterday – what an experience!

In the 90’s, Scott shifted gears and became an Investment Advisor for Wells Fargo. He says, “I finally decided that I could take all the experience and credentials I’d earned, and devote them to those that mattered the most – individual investors.”

Building on his love for working with individuals, he came to realize that taking positive action to help people meet their individual financial goals was what he wanted to do.

After spending ten years in the urban centers of Boston and San Francisco, Scott felt a yearning for the country. So, he moved south to San Luis Obispo in 1998 to become an investment advisor with the Charles Schwab Company. The golden hills and beautiful coastline of Central California are now home for Scott. He now lives among the golden hills along the beautiful coastline of Central California. He enthuses, that “the natural environment here is stunning, and the local Cal Poly University keeps this a lively and intellectual community.” In 2002, he and his wife Kate were married in an intimate Buddhist ceremony.

In 2005, he ran into an old friend and SRI pioneer, Jack Brill, who had also relocated to San Luis Obispo, and Scott began to consider the idea of starting his own SRI practice. Jack and his son Hal agreed that this offered a good opportunity to open a San Luis Obispo office of Natural Investment Services.

Today, Scott is an active member of the San Luis Obispo business community, a board member with the county’s oldest environmental preservation non-profit, ECOSLO, and a regular volunteer with the local Land Conservancy and many other community activities. He is both a Financial Advisor and Natural Investment Service’s Director of Investment Research. He accepts new individual and business clients and has particular expertise in retirement investment strategies, college planning, and income investments.