How We Invest

dock-waterDecades of experience in Sustainable & Responsible Investing

Our approach to investing is simple: we build a well-diversified portfolio that both reflects your values and is adapted to your risk tolerance. Our decades of experience with Sustainable and Responsible Investing means that we are well-versed in all the opportunities that could be of use to you, from index funds to targeted renewable energy funds, and from green development bonds to low-risk alternatives to bank CDs that offer high social impact returns.

In addition to the full array of these relatively traditional investment products, we also stay on the forefront of innovative new investment vehicles that provide opportunities to invest in local businesses, to restore and sustain key wild or farm land, and are on the forefront of the emerging carbon markets that may be our best hope for getting climate change under control.

Peruse the sections in this menu to learn more about what we mean by “Natural Investing,” and to dig a bit deeper into the strategies we draw on to put your money to work in the world in a way that reflects who you are.