The Heart Rating

Since 1992, the Heart Rating has been the leading tool investors use to get a snapshot of socially responsible investment mutual fund environmental, social, and governance performance.

The Heart Rating methodology is based on responses to a detailed fund management questionnaire and our analysis of fund-disclosed information in each fund prospectus. Scoring translates to number of hearts granted and is based on specific avoidance and affirmative screening criteria, shareholder advocacy strategies, community investing, and the management firm’s research process.

Learn more about The Heart Rating here Using the Social Rating and here Our Rating Criteria. The Heart Rating does not include any consideration of financial performance and is only applied to socially responsible investment mutual funds, sustainable investment mutual funds, and impact investment funds we select for rating.


Fund NameOverall Heart RatingShareholder AdvocacyCommunity InvestingESG Screening
USAA First Start Growth Fund1001
Parnassus Small Cap Fund4334
Parnassus Mid-Cap Fund4334
Parnassus Fund4335
Parnassus Fixed Income Fund4334
Parnassus Endeavor Fund4335
Parnassus Core Equity Fund4334
Parnassus Asia Fund4334
Neuberger Berman Socially Responsive4325
Pax Ellevate Global Women's Index Fund4553
Eventide Gilead Fund*4434
Boston Common International Fund4524
Boston Common US Equity Fund4524
Calvert Unconstrained Bond Fund4524
Calvert Ultra-Short Income Fund4524
Calvert U.S. Mid-Cap Core Responsible Index Fund4524
Calvert U.S. Large-Cap Value Responsible Index Fund4524
Calvert U.S. Large-Cap Growth Responsible Index Fund4524
CNI Charter Socially Responsible Equity4504
Calvert U.S. Large-Cap Core Responsible Index Fund4524
Pax World Balanced Fund4553
Pax ESG Beta Quality Fund4553
TIAA-CREF Social Choice Low Carbon Fund4404
TIAA-CREF Social Choice International Fund4504
TIAA-CREF Social Choice Equity Fund4543
NuShares ESG Small Cap ETF4504
NuShares ESG Mid Cap Value ETF4504
NuShares ESG Mid Cap ETF4504
NuShares ESG Large Cap Value ETF4504
Pax World Global Environmental Markets Fund4553
NuShares ESG Large Cap ETF4504
NuShares ESG Emerging Markets ETF4504
AB Sustainable Global Thematic Fund4425
CRA Qualified Investment Fund4254
CCM Alternative Income Fund4254
Pax World Small Cap Fund4553
Pax World MSCI International ESG Index Fund4553
Pax World High Yield Bond Fund4553
NuShares ESG International Developed Markets ETF4504
John Hancock ESG Large Cap Fund4504
Calvert Tax-Free Responsible Impact Bond Fund4524
Calvert Moderate Allocation Fund4524
Green Century International Fund5505
Green Century Equity Fund5505
Green Century Balanced Fund5555
Domini Social Equity Fund5505
Domini Social Bond Fund5555
Domini International Social Equity Fund5505
Calvert International Equity Fund5554
New Alternatives Fund5525
Calvert Small-Cap Fund5554
Calvert Global Water Fund5554
Calvert Global Value Fund5554
Calvert Global Equity Income Fund5554
Calvert Global Energy Solutions Fund5554
Calvert Equity Portfolio5554
Calvert Emerging Markets Equity5554
Calvert Capital Accumulation Fund5554
Calvert International Opportunities Fund5554
Calvert Short-Duration Income Fund4524
Walden Balanced Fund5505
Walden Mid-Cap Fund5505
Calvert Long-Term Income Fund4524
Calvert Large-Cap Core Portfolio4524
Calvert Income Fund4524
Calvert High-Yield Bond Fund4524
Calvert Green Bond Fund4524
Calvert Developed Markets Ex-US Responsive Index Fund4524
Calvert Conservative Allocation Fund4524
Walden Equity Fund5505
Calvert Aggressive Allocation Fund4524
Praxis Small Cap Fund*5554
Praxis International Index Fund*5554
Praxis Impact Bond Fund*5554
Praxis Growth Index Fund*5554
Portfolio 21 Global Equity Fund5525
Appleseed Fund5455
Walden Small-Cap Innovations Fund5505
Praxis Value Index Fund*5554
Calvert Bond Portfolio5554
John Hancock ESG All Cap Fund4504
Gabelli ESG Fund4504
American Trust Allegiance Fund1001
Dreyfus Strategic Value Fund2502
Dreyfus Small Cap Equity Fund2502
Dreyfus Mid Cap Growth Fund2502
Dreyfus Large Cap Growth Fund2502
Dreyfus Large Cap Equity Fund2502
Dreyfus International Equity Income Fund2502
Dreyfus Growth and Income Fund2502
Ave Maria Bond Fund*1001
Dreyfus Global Equity Income Fund2502
Dreyfus Equity Income Fund2502
Dreyfus Emerging Markets Fund2502
Dreyfus Diversified International Fund2502
Dreyfus Diversified Emerging Markets Fund2502
Dreyfus Balanced Opportunity Fund2202
Dreyfus Appreciation Fund2502
Dreyfus Alternative Diversifier Fund2502
Dreyfus Global Emerging Markets Fund2502
Dreyfus Active Mid Cap Fund2502
Ave Maria Catholic Values Fund*1001
Ave Maria Opportunity Fund*1001
Timothy Strategic Growth Fund*1001
Timothy Small Cap Growth Fund*1001
Timothy Large/Mid Cap Value Fund*1001
Timothy Large/Mid Cap Growth Fund*1001
Timothy Israel Common Values Fund*1001
Timothy International Fund*1001
Timothy High Yield Bond Fund*1001
Ave Maria Growth Fund*1001
Timothy Fixed Income Fund*1001
Timothy Conservative Growth Fund*1001
Timothy Aggressive Growth Fund*1001
Pimco Low Duration Fund1021
Integrity Growth & Income Fund1001
DWS GNMA Fund1021
Ave Maria World Equity Fund*1001
Ave Maria Rising Dividend Fund*1001
Timothy Defensive Strategies Fund*1001
Brown Advisory Sustainable Bond Fund4453
Vanguard FTSE Social Index2002
LKCM Aquinas Small Cap Fund*2201
Amana Developing World Fund*3253
Schroder's International Alpha Fund3502
Alger Green Fund3404
Northern Global Sustainability Index Fund3551
New Covenant Income Fund*3323
New Covenant Growth Fund*3323
New Covenant Balanced Income Fund*3323
Amana Growth Fund*3253
New Covenant Balanced Growth Fund*3323
Epiphany FFV Strategic Income Fund*3303
Epiphany FFV Fund*3303
TIAA-CREF Social Choice Bond Fund3024
Touchstone Premium Yield Equity Fund3523
Destra High Yield Strategy Fund3523
Flex Utilities & Infrastructure Fund3523
Vert Global Sustainable Real Estate Fund3404
1919 Socially Responsive Balanced Fund3224
LKCM Aquinas Value Fund*2201
Amana Income Fund*3253
Dreyfus US Sustainable Equity Fund3402
LKCM Aquinas Growth Fund*2201
DFA US Sustainability Core 1 Portfolio2202
DFA US Social Core Equity 2 Portfolio2202
Azzad Wise Capital Funds*2421
Azzad Ethical Fund*2421
Ariel International Equity Fund2401
Ariel Global Equity Fund2401
Amana Participation Fund*3253
Ariel Fund 2401
Ariel Discovery Fund2401
Ariel Appreciation Fund2401
Access Capital Community Investment2051
Brown Advisory Large Cap Sustainable Growth Fund2402
Change Finance ETF3104
Saturna Sustainable Bond Fund3253
Saturna Sustainable Equity Fund3253
Ariel Focus Fund 2401
Calvert Balanced Portfolio5554

* Fund uses particular faith-based or religious screens that are not part of Natural Investments’ Heart Rating criteria.

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