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Guilded – A Freelancer Cooperative

Chordata Capital and Natural Investments hosted a webinar about Guilded, a project of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives that’s building infrastructure for economic self-determination for gig workers. In our economy, freelancers are unprotected—subject to wage theft and income volatility, with minimal access to worker benefits and worker protections. Guilded is a freelancer-owned cooperative providing contract creation, guaranteed payment, invoicing and payment collection, legally backed worker protections and worker benefits.

Black Economic Self-Determination

Historian and scholar Ed Whitfield presented an accessible account and framework of Reconstruction. He discussed how we can continue to be on the path towards racial justice and repair for Black, Indigenous, POC and working class people. Ed also connected his work with Seed Commons and Downtown Crenshaw Rising to the ongoing fight for Black economic self-determination.

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Natural Investments has been at the forefront of the socially responsible investment world for 30 years. We’ve written three books on socially responsible investing, each one on the leading edge of current practice at the time of publication.

The Resilient Investor

Our new book, The Resilient Investor: A Plan for Your Life, Not Just Your Money (H. Brill, Kramer, Peck), was published in February 2015 by Berrett-Koehler. Here, we look at investing with a wider lens, including not only our financial investments, but also our personal and social assets (skills, relationships, community) and tangible assets (homes, shared infrastructure, ecological systems) in the context of various future scenarios. It’s available now at an independent bookstore near you or from Amazon, Powell’s or Berrett-Koehler. For much more on this innovative new approach to investing, and life, visit The Resilient Investor web site; you can also read an except from the book’s introduction at Green Money Journal.


Investing With Your Values: Making Money and Making a Difference (J. Brill, H. Brill, Feigenbaum; Bloomberg, 1999; New Society, 2001) marked the expansion of SRI to include community investing and shareholder advocacy, and also features an in-depth review of the history of money and the modern economic system, as well as concluding chapters highlighting the ways that many are working to move beyond business as usual.

Investing From the Heart (J. Brill; Crown, 1992) charted the emergence of SRI, focusing on positive and negative screening and the desire to have our money working in the world in ways that reflect our personal values.

In addition to books, Natural Investments publishes a quarterly newsletter that features short, friendly articles on a wide range of topics related to money, society, and constructively engaging the modern economy. Several Natural Investments advisors publish articles in national and regional outlets; Michael Kramer writes a monthly column for under the banner The Sustainable Shareholder. The Natural Investments Blog features many of these newsletter and outside articles, as well as commentary on topical issues of the day.


Impact Investing to Support Communities

Financial advisor Andy Loving talks about his community investing work and explains why Capital Impact’s Investment Note is helping clients to earn social and financial returns.

Sustainable Economics & Resilient Investments

Managing Partner Michael Kramer speaks with Jay Fidell of Think Tech Hawaii about sustainable investing, the Resilient Investor framework, and evolving a more regenerative economy.

Sustainable Economics & Resilient Investments