Greg Garvan, AIF®

Helping with big-picture financial planning; intentional use of your money for impact investments, charitable giving, and activism

A Johnny Appleseed of sorts – Planting seeds of change wherever he goes.

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Location | East Coast, based in Charleston, SC


Do you want to see your money invested in socially valuable ways that reflect what’s important to you? Greg loves helping people connect their values to their money life.

Greg is a problem solver and a good listener, who can help you clarify your life, social, and financial goals and create a comprehensive fiscal plan that lets you gain control over your future.

Whether dealing with investments to help green our world, charitable giving that actively supports the social change we’re all working toward, or financial planning that really puts your deepest life values to work, Greg loves it all. While he cultivates a big-picture worldview, working with partners all over the country, Greg is also very committed to local economies. He supports his regional BALLE network, and is a fundraising committee member of Low Country Local First, South Carolina’s thriving expression of the slow money/local food movement.

Greg received his B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a M.S. in Management from Lesley College. After being a foundation director and doing charitable/tax planning in the 1980s, Greg sought a broader approach to helping people connect their values with their money life.

In 1992, he obtained licenses to practice investment management and financial planning, and launched Money with a Mission. In 2003, Greg became an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®), representing a very high level of training in prudent management. He continues his lifelong passion for social investments by teaching classes and doing seminars and workshops, including programs at College of Charleston, many churches, Appalachian State University, Cornell University, and Ithaca College.

As Greg builds relationships with his clients, he engages with the myriad decisions that face individuals and families: what does ‘retirement ‘ really mean, which car to buy, how much to give to a charity, insurance questions, at what age to give money to children, etc. He wants to be like an ‘Uncle Louie’ – the person in your family who you’d turn to for financial wisdom and guidance! He values these opportunities to work with you at a core value level, developing practical plans to use your money and assets more consciously to achieve your goals. These days, this is often known as “personal coaching,” but Greg’s been doing it for years.

So, when you want to be sure your values are reflected in your money life, be in touch! Let us help you put your money where your values are!