Evan Quirk-Garvan, AIF®

Financial advisor focused on millennial and young adults

Services | Portfolio Management ($500k minimum) & Financial Planning/Consulting

Location | North Carolina

Phone(828) 367-7669

Evan believes that when you purchase food from a local farmer, attend a community meeting, or join the board of a non-profit, you are investing in a positive change. Let your money do the same!

Evan comes to Natural Investments with a true love for social and environmental justice. Evan was born in the greater Boston area, and raised in western New York State; he eventually found his home living in the western North Carolina Mountains. In 2011, he completed a degree from Appalachian State University in Sustainable Development, focusing in Agroforestry, and the Southern Appalachian Region.

Evan has experience in volunteer management for government agencies, non-profits, and experience working with ecologically minded businesses from Oregon to the US Virgin Islands. Having the experience to see such a variety of environments, cultures and businesses while in his 20’s has shown him that real change can come from having your personal finances managed in a sustainable, ecologically minded way.

Evan has been attending Quaker meetings for 7 years, and finds the practices of listening and contemplation to be valuable assets in his professional life, as well as his spiritual life. When you discuss your financial life with Evan, whether it be what type of account to open, how your financial life impacts family members, or choosing which charity to donate to, you can rest assured that your wishes are heard, and are of the utmost consideration.