Brady Quirk-Garvan

Committed to social change through investing, education and helping people deepen the connection between their values and financial life.

Pushing for progressive change in business, politics, and life.

Location | East Coast, based in Charleston, SC


Brady Quirk-Garvan has been committed to transforming the world into a more equitable and just place since a young age.

Growing up in a household that regularly talked about – and practiced – socially responsible investing, financial planning, and community investing, it’s no surprise that he ended up being drawn to work with the team at Natural Investments.

Brady attended the College of Charleston, where he had the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in Havana, Cuba, participating in a unique program focused on politics and social movements in Latin America. This time in Havana, along with later travel in Latin America, gave Brady a direct experience of the immense impact that large corporations and the US government have had, and continue to have, in the developing world. This spurred an interest in politics, which led to his helping to run several local electoral campaigns, as well an initiative that made Charleston one of the first smoke-free cities in South Carolina. In 2008 Brady spent six months working on Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign in southern Ohio.

Upon returning to Charleston, Brady continued his involvement in the local community. For two years, he served as a Program Director at Palmetto Project, a statewide non-profit. He led a pilot program integrating laptops into elementary schools and a project that trained college students to be poll managers on election day.

Brady currently serves on the board for three non-profits: The Palmetto Project, We Are Family and Remember Niger. Formerly he served on the Charleston Development Corporation and the state Democratic Executive Committee. In 2013 Brady was selected as one of Charleston’s “50 Most Progressive” by Charlie Magazine. When not working or volunteering, Brady enjoys almost any live music, as well as traveling in Latin America.