Susan K. Taylor


Ph.D. economist, cultivating justice with socially responsive financial strategies and business management. Writer on money and values.

Susan explores the connections between money and spirituality.

Services | Portfolio Management ($250k minimum) & Financial Planning/Consulting (hourly)

Location | Kentucky


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Susan K. Taylor joined Natural Investments, LLC, in January 2011.

Susan is part of the team at Just Money Advisors, Inc., a Louisville, KY, financial planning firm that specializes in socially responsible and community investing, working with her husband, Andy Loving. Susan writes about issues of money and spirituality, publishing in such magazines as Sojourners and Presbyterians Today, and writes regularly for Faith and Money Network, a Washington, DC, nonprofit organization. She has led workshops for parents, helping them teach their children to deal with money in ways that acknowledge their values and foster personal integrity. She also works with groups of children and high school students around questions of finance, faith, and the vital role of economic justice in creating and sustaining peace.

A native Kentuckian, Susan is a third generation graduate of Western Kentucky University (1980). In 1997, she earned a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Maryland, College Park, focusing on labor markets and income inequality. From 1996 to 2000, she worked as an economist in Corporate Treasury for Bank of America, based in Charlotte, NC. As a corporate economist, she forecasted and interpreted economic data, such as unemployment rates and industrial output, as well as presenting economic briefings to customer groups throughout the Southeast. Within the bank, she was known to consistently represent the perspective of low income and working people in her readings of the data, highlighting the key question: how will this affect people?

Honoring family commitments, she and Andy returned to Kentucky in 2000, establishing the Louisville office of Just Money Advisors, Inc., which now serves clients in more than 25 states.

Susan is a committed mother of two teenaged children, public school supporter, member of Jeff Street Baptist Community at Liberty, animal lover (sharing her home with three cats and a dog), and pianist. She is vice-president of the board of directors of Faith and Money Network in Washington, DC.