Tiffany Brown & Kate Poole

Integrating activism, giving and investing; investing in the Solidarity Economy; racial and economic justice; working with inheritors

Tiffany Brown & Kate Poole co-founded Chordata Capital to partner with people with inherited wealth, to design and implement investment portfolios that embody an explicit commitment to racial and economic justice.

Services | Portfolio Management (minimum $3 million), the Chordata Cohort, and Consulting

Location | Offices in San Francisco Bay Area, CA and Stockton, NJ, serving investors nationwide

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Our core values are to center a commitment to racial and economic justice, to build accountability and shared risk-taking, and to bring our whole selves into our work as investment advisors.

Chordata co-founders Kate Poole & Tiffany Brown met in 2013 through donor organizing work with Resource Generation (RG). In 2017, we were reunited as fellows in the inaugural year of RSF Social Finance’s Integrated Capital Fellowship and co-facilitated a workshop for young people with wealth on “Centering Love in Finance.” We chose to forefront storytelling and spiritual grounding practices as integral pieces in transforming investment portfolios. The workshop opened our eyes to the power of our partnership, and to the potential for building our own financial advising practice together.

We are bridging historic divides by cultivating cross-class, multiracial leadership. The racial wealth divide, racism and classism have created a chasm in our country. As we fracture along these lines of identity we disconnect from the reality that it will take a diversity of perspectives to restore balance. We need each other and are stronger together. We use the clarity of learning from our partnership to support inheritors in navigating questions of race, class and power. We are accountable to each other, as we experiment, iterate, and learn.

The founding of Chordata Capital is rooted in a commitment to our cross-class, multiracial partnership.

Tiffany BrownTiffany worked in the non-profit sector for over a decade before transitioning into her work in finance. Her career has ranged from being Co-Director at YES!, Board member at Common Fire Foundation, founding advisor to Kindle Project Foundation, to directing national leadership retreats at Resource Generation, and serving on the Finance Committee for Haymarket People’s Fund. Most of her work has been focused on working with young people with wealth.Her entry into social justice work was through learning about race and racism in the US, and interning with the SE Regional NAACP’s Prison Project in Atlanta, GA. Tiffany cultivated her zest for justice at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she graduated in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in Community Studies.

She serves on Resource Generation’s National Member Council, and was a 2018 RSF Integrated Capital Fellow.

Tiffany loves hosting dinner parties, dancing and homemaking. She enjoys karaoke with friends, where she can allow her inner performer to run wild.

Kate PooleKate started her work in the New Economy space at Schumacher Center for New Economics after graduating from Princeton University in 2009, where she wrote her thesis on the intersection of spiritual beliefs and economic action. She went on to work with Michael Shuman from 2010-2014, researching local investing for his books Local Dollars, Local Sense and The Local Economy Solution. She co-founded Regenerative Finance in 2014 to organize other young people with wealth to shift control of capital to communities most affected by racial, economic and environmental injustices.She is a member of Resource Generation, a nonprofit organizing young people with wealth to redistribute land, wealth and power, and she has served on the board of directors of the Schumacher Center for New Economics since 2017.

Kate loves dance and feminist performance art, and enjoys creating comics about Buddhist economics, Jewish economics, and racial justice and reparations. Kate lives in Asheville, NC, with her partner who is also named Kate.

Our investment advising, cohort programs and consulting aim to bring grace and ease to moving resources in service of healing and repair.

ANNUAL COHORT This 6-month program moves financial advising relationships out of isolation into community by bringing together 5-10 people with inherited wealth to decode their investments, reflect on their history, transform financial patterns and work with innovative financial activists to experiment with emergent investment strategies.

INVESTMENT ADVISING We work with inheritors to balance present and future needs with a desire to address the extractive history of wealth accumulation through Investment Portfolios that center racial, economic and gender justice.

FIELD BUILDING Our clients, our practice, and the financial activists we collaborate with are a part of a vibrant ecosystem working to redistribute wealth and power. Our continued work building relationships with values-aligned lending institutions, networks, and entrepreneurs strengthens the impact of our collective work, and facilitates a more robust network of collaborators.

CONSULTING We offer consulting, webinars and events to orient investors and their advisors to redistributive and restorative investment strategies.


  • We have deep, ongoing relationships with leaders in the solidarity economy movement
  • We do direct investments that center racial, economic and gender justice
  • We use an Integrated Capital approach, allowing clients to integrate their giving, investing, and activism to resource the communities and projects they love
  • We each bring over a decade of work in movements for racial and economic justice, and use a social justice lens to
    address wealth inequality
  • Whenever possible we prioritize a collective rather than individual approach, knowing that we’re stronger together
  • We have extensive experience in working with people with wealth to transform patterns around guilt and shame in service of mobilizing resources for our collective liberation.

Communities of color, women, and all those who have historically been denied access to capital need investment dollars to support their self-determination. People with wealth are uniquely positioned to offer investment capital, while helping to restore a greater balance in our economic system. We believe that this is healing work as much as it is about justice and investments.

We know reconciling your values and your finances can be overwhelming. When we say we are bringing our whole selves into this work–we mean our bodies, our hearts, our experiences and our vision. It means pausing conversations in the hard places and taking time to breathe and ground our bodies. It means we will continue to strengthen and share our personal practices that ground and center us. Our intention is to communicate clearly, and peel back layers of financial jargon to reveal what’s really happening in people’s portfolios. We’re committed to slowing down for questions and feelings as we discuss moving money. We will create space in this work for listening to body and intuition. We will make room for laughter, joy and movement.

Do you want to work with us to bring greater integrity and alignment to your inheritance or portfolio of investments? Are you interested in participating in our inaugural cohort? Email Tiffany (at) naturalinvestments (dot) com or Kate (at) naturalinvestments (dot) com, call (267) 314-7643, or see below to schedule a time to meet each other.

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