2013 policy priorities for sustainable and responsible investors

NI Managing Partner Michael Kramer’s most recent GreenBiz.com feature takes a look back, and forward, at the regulatory and policy landscape.  Read the whole thing at the GreenBiz site; here’s a teaser:

According to the Chicago Booth/Kellogg Financial Trust Index, 79 percent of investors have no trust in the financial system. Sixty-four percent of Americans believe, according to The 2012 Ethics and Action Survey: Voices Carry, that corporate misconduct was a significant factor in bringing about the current economic crisis.

Four years ago, the receptivity of the President’s transition team to these issues gave reason for hope among sustainable and responsible investors that systemic financial reforms would be put into place and that the business risks associated with climate change would be viewed as material to the financial bottom line. But financial institutions (and the power they wield over Congress) has delayed the implementation of important financial reform laws and regulations since 2009.

Let’s check on the progress of the path to reform


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