ANSI authorizes sector-specific sustainability standards

The latest GreenBiz column from Michael Kramer focuses in on a significant new initiative from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which manages engineering, quality, and safety standards across all sectors of the US and international economy.  Recently ANSI authorized the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) to develop sustainability standards across ten broad sectors of the economy.  The first draft reporting standards to be released focus on the health care sector, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies, health care delivery, health care distributors and managed care.

Michael, who tends to set a high bar for corporate standards, has this to say about this first glimpse of what the SASB and ANSI are developing:

I think the standards, based on dozens of specific metrics, are well conceived as drafted thus far. Such information never has been standardized in a way that could properly inform investors, so the emergence of the SASB’s standards sets a high and uniform bar for how companies must share information. There is no doubt among sustainable investors that such information will relate directly to share value.

For Michael’s more detailed description of the biotech and health standards, see the full article at GreenBiz.

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