Investing with Intent – Winter 2022

Indigenous Representation Matters by Sylvia Panek, AIF®

Moves to Make Before Tax Time by Kirbie Crowe, AIF®, CFP®

The Deal with Donor-Advised Funds by Brady Quirk-Garvan

Shareholder Advocacy Review – Winter 2022 by Michael Kramer

Market Report – Winter 2022 by Scott Secrest, AAMS®

In the News – Winter 2022


Download a full PDF copy here: Investing with Intent – Winter 2022

Photo credit: “T.V. Indians” © Cara Romero. 2017. All rights reserved.

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Investing with Intent – Summer 2021

Turning Back the Tide of Inequity by Sylvia Panek

Wisdom from SRI Veteran Tim Smith with Michael Kramer

Planning for the Inevitability of Loss by Greg Pitts with Kirbie Crowe

Market Report – Summer 2021 by Scott Secrest

SRI Advocacy Highlights 2021 by Michael Kramer

In the News – Summer 2021

Download a full PDF copy here: Investing with Intent – Summer 2021

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2019 Social Impact Report

Download a full PDF copy of our 2019 Social Impact Report

Intentional Growth, Deeper Commitment by Michael Kramer

2019 Overall SRI Impact

2019 Shareholder Advocacy Review

2019 Regenerative Investments

Progress on Private Prison Divestment by Kirbie Crowe

Divest, Then Reinvest by Scott Secrest

Spotlight: First Nations Oweesta by James Frazier

Spotlight: The Ujima Fund by Kate Poole

Spotlight: Ecotrust Forest Management by Malaika Maphalala

Mitigating Our Carbon Impact by Christopher Peck



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NI Newsletter Summer 2019

100th Issue Cover

Tales of the Quarter Century by Michael Kramer

2019 Summer Market Commentary

The following articles appear from our archives as part of the 100th issue special, celebrating twenty-five years of quarterly newsletters.

1994: Viva South Africa! by Hal Brill

2000: NI Scores High in New York Times Fund Study by Jack Brill

2001: Bringing Consciousness to Capitalism by Hal Brill

2003: How We Can Help Stop the Genocide in Darfur by Jack Brill

2006: Community Investing after Hurricane Katrina by Michael Kramer

2009: After the Financial Crisis, Reform by Michael Kramer

2011: Call for Chevron to Pay Ecuadorian Communities by Jim Cummings

2013: Gender Lens Investing by Malaika Maphalala

2015: New Insights on SRI Performance by James Frazier

2016: Get that Oily Mess Out of My Money! by Eric Smith

2018: Divestment as a Moral Imperative by Kirbie Crowe


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