2017 Social Impact Report

Corporate Engagements

Natural Investments is involved in a variety of efforts with our industry colleagues that facilitate positive economic, social, and environmental change, including shareholder engagement with companies and public policy advocacy. Some of our efforts in 2017 include:

We signed a letter to the dozen major banks, including Wells Fargo and Citibank, that are financing the Dakota Access Pipeline, urging them to avoid legal liabilities and financial and reputational risks associated with financing the controversial project—and to advocate publicly for the rerouting of the pipeline away from tribal land.

We signed a global investor statement to leading consumer and agriculture companies asking them to adopt zero—deforestation policies for sourcing key agricultural commodities such as palm oil, soy, beef, paper, and lumber. Deforestation in Latin America, which is largely caused by commercial agriculture, is a leading contributor to climate change, and the recent Soy Moratorium in Brazil proves that the rainforest can be protected while expanding agricultural production.

We signed a letter to sixty of the world’s largest banks calling for more robust and relevant climate-related disclosure to be supplied to investors on four key areas: climate-relevant strategy and implementation, climate-related risk assessments and management, low-carbon banking products and services, and banks’ public policy engagements and collaboration with other actors on climate change. Banks have an essential role to play in ensuring that we meet the Paris Climate Agreement goal of “making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development.”

We supported shareholder engagements with three top carpet manufacturers—Mohawk, Shaw, and Interface—to encourage them to develop plans for sustainable carpeting redesign to make it more recyclable, to use higher levels of appropriate recycled materials, to develop national recycling goals, to help develop end markets for discarded carpet, and to take at least shared financial responsibility to implement these actions.

We signed a letter to major motion picture studios urging them to eliminate tobacco depictions in youth-rated movies. We believe this is warranted to protect the company’s reputation and consumer base, to avoid legal liabilities, and to eliminate the reputational and potential financial risks caused by the company being associated with this public health issue.

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NI Newsletter Spring 2018

Newsletter Contents

Supporting the Youth-Led Movement for Gun Control by Sylvia Panek

The Rule of Law, Wealth Inequality, and Our Response by Joel Koerner

Post-Disaster Lessons for Resilient Investors by Christopher Peck

Fighting Deregulation with Community Investment by Evan Quirk-Garvan

Your Money: Smart Strategy and Positive Impact by Eric Smith

What’s Up on Wall Street: Q2 2018 by Scott Secrest

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NI Newsletter Winter 2018

Newsletter contents

Download the NI Winter 2018 newsletter (PDF)

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NI Newsletter Winter 2017

Newsletter Contents

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NI Newsletter Fall 2016

Newsletter Contents

  • Christopher Peck: Location. Now More Than Ever
  • Eric Smith: Hey, Get That Oil Mess Out of My Money
  • Carrie Van Winkle: Butterfly or Honeybee in Your Money Life?
  • Evan Quirk-Garvan: Pollinators: Essential Natural Investment
  • Malaika Maphalala: Conversations fro 2016 Social Capital Markets Conference
  • Scott Secrest: Low “Natural Rate” of Interest

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