A Q&A With Financial Behaviorist Jacquette Timmons

Jacquette Timmons works as a financial behaviorist committed to helping people manage choices around money. She is the author of “Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate” and hosts of one of my favorite money podcasts, “More Than Money.” Jacquette is a much-loved speaker, and her work has been featured on SiriusXM, Good Morning America, Oprah.com, CNN, HLN, FOX, Black Enterprise, NPR, Reuters.com, Wall Street Journal and Family Circle. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. You can find her at jacquettetimmons.com and listen to the entire one-hour interview at carriebvanwinkle.com.

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Women Invested: Amy Cortese

Amy Cortese, Locavesting

Locavesting | Journalist & Editor

Amy is an award winning journalist and editor who writes about topics spanning business, finance & food. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Business Week, Conscious Company, and B Magazine among many other publications. Her book, Locavesting, was one of the pioneering works on the emerging local investing and community capital movement. It draws upon her experience covering diverse realms to explore how a small shift in investment away from multinationals towards locally-owned enterprises can reap enormous economic and social benefits for individuals, their communities and the country. More recently, she founded Locavesting.com, a media and educational site. Based in Brooklyn, Amy has been name a “Top 30 Crowdfunding Thought Leader,” and was present at the historic April 2012 Rose Garden signing of the JOBS Act.

Women Invested Interview with Amy Cortese - Journalist & Editor, Author of Locavesting

Women Invested Interview with Amy Cortese – Transcript

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Women Invested: Kristin Hull

Kristin Hull, Nia Community Investment Fund

Nia Community Investment Fund | Founder & Director

Kristin founded Nia Community Investments in 2010. Nia Community is focused on consciously investing for social justice and environmental sustainability in Oakland. She began her career as a bilingual educator and later co-founded the North Oakland Community Charter School. Interested in innovative solutions for social change, Kristin entered the field of impact investing while serving as a board member for various non-profit organizations, including the Mosaic Project and the Nicholson Foundation. In 2013 she partnered with Domini Social Investments to create Nia Global Solutions, an innovative stock portfolio bringing impact investing offerings to Public Markets. In 2015, Nia Global Solutions formed a new partnership with Green Alpha Advisors to provide leadership in sustainable and impact investing for individuals, advisors and institutions. Kristin earned her B.A. and teaching credentials at Tufts University in 1990, her M.A. in Research in Bilingual Education from Stanford University in 1995 and her Ph.D. in Urban Education from the University of California at Berkeley in 2006.

Women Invested Interview with Kristin Hull of Nia Community Investment Fund

Women Invested Interview with Kristin Hull – Transcript

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Women Invested: Katherine St. Onge

Katherine St. Onge, Calvert Foundation

Calvert Foundation | Senior Officer, Investor Relations

Katherine is a Senior Officer on the Calvert Foundation’s Investor Relations team. She is responsible for managing relationships with individual investors, institutions and financial advisors to increase their understanding of Calvert Foundation’s impact investing products and services. Prior to Calvert Foundation, Katherine worked at the Aspen Institute where she focused on building entrepreneurial and early-stage investment ecosystems in the Middle East and North Africa. She also worked for Louisiana Economic Development, crafting policies and strategies to enhance the state’s economic competitiveness, and Goldman Sachs, managing both equity and fixed-income investment products. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in economics and mathematics from Bucknell University and her M.B.A. from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Women Invested Interview with Katherine St Onge of Calvert Foundation

Women Invested Interview with Katherine St. Onge – Transcript

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Women Invested: Teri Lema

Teri Lema, Namaste Solar

Namaste Solar | Co-Owner, Human Resources Specialist

Teri joined Namasté Solar as a full time accountant in 2006, bringing with her a background in small business management and bookkeeping.  She has recently moved into a new recruiting role on the Human Resources team, finding a passion for the people side of Namaste Solar’s business.  Teri has previously worked for a small software design firm as their business manager.  Teri studied business administration at Anna Maria College and transpersonal psychology at Naropa University.

Women Invested Interview with Amanda Bybee and Teri Lema of Namaste Solar

Women Invested Interview with Amanda Bybee and Teri Lema – Transcript

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Women Invested: Amanda Bybee

Amanda Bybee of Namaste Solar

Namaste Solar | Co-Owner, Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives  

Amanda has worked in the solar industry since 2003, first promoting renewable energy policy in Austin, TX while at Public Citizen, then at Meridian Energy Systems, before finding her home at Namasté Solar. Amanda joined Namasté Solar in January 2006 as an early member of the team. She has held numerous roles over the years, from business administration to human resources to sales & design. Today, Amanda serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives, devoting her energy to strategic planning and special projects that benefit the company and its customers. She is a passionate advocate for Namasté Solar’s unique employee-owned, holistic business model, and is excited to extend Namasté Solar’s reach on a national scale through our Commercial Service offerings. She obtained a BA in English and French from the University of Texas at Austin, and through solar, has also found her “inner engineer.”

Women Invested Interview with Amanda Bybee and Teri Lema of Namaste Solar

Women Invested Interview with Amanda Bybee and Teri Lema – Transcript

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Women Invested: Susan Baker

Trillium Asset Management | Vice President, Shareholder Advocacy

Susan has over 20 years’ experience in the investment industry. Mentored early in her career by Joan Bavaria, the founder of Trillium Asset Management and a pioneer in the field of responsible and sustainable investing, Susan has long believed that women’s voices and leadership skills are important and beneficial to the investment field. She has held several positions at Trillium and for the past ten years, has been a member of Trillium’s Shareholder Advocacy team, leading direct communication with company leadership on issues including board and workplace diversity, human and labor rights, and environmental health. Susan lives in Arlington, Massachusetts with her husband, George. She can be frequently found tending their tomato garden, hiking and keeping up with the lives of her two grown children.

Women Invested Interview with Susan Baker of Trillium Asset Management

Women Invested Interview with Susan Baker – Transcript

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Women Invested: Elyse Cherry

Elyse Cherry, Boston Community Capital

Boston Community Capital | CEO  

Elyse Cherry is Chief Executive Officer of Boston Community Capital, a sustainable $1 billion national nonprofit organization fighting for social and economic justice. Under her leadership, Boston Community Capital has leveraged $6 billion of public and private investment in underserved communities nationwide. Elyse helped found Boston Community Capital in 1984 as a member of its original Board of Directors and has been integrally involved in its development and growth from a start-up organization to what is, today, a national model for community investment.

Women Invested Interview with Elyse Cherry of Boston Community Capital

Women Invested Interview with Elyse Cherry – Transcript

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Women Invested: Sally Dodge

Sally Dodge, Iroquois Valley Farms

Iroquois Valley Farms | Farm Manager, Northeast Community Development Manager

Sally is Northeast Community Development Manager, and a board member, at Iroquois Valley Farms, a food and farmland impact investment company that provides land access for organic farmers. Sally was an early promoter in the local foods movement in the Northeast, connecting chefs with farmers, and setting up farmers markets in Vermont. Sally is a farmer, entrepreneur, and conservationist. She serves on the board and investment committee of the Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation.

Women Invested Interview with Sally Dodge of Iroquois Valley Farms

Women Invested Interview with Sally Dodge – Transcript

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Women Invested: Donna Katzin

Donna Katzin, Shared Interest

Shared Interest | Founding Executive Director 

Donna Katzin is the founding Executive Director of Shared Interest. From 1986 until July of 1994, she served as Director of South Africa and International Justice Programs for the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. In that capacity she worked with religious bodies, institutional investors and community organizations to exert economic pressure to end apartheid, promote responsible reinvestment after apartheid, and to advance social criteria for domestic and international lending. She holds a master’s degree in Community Organization and Planning, and a doctorate in Human Services Education and Development. She is a board member of the Thembani International Guarantee Fund, and Housing for HIV.

Women Invested Interview with Donna Katzin of Shared Interest

Women Invested Interview with Donna Katzin – Transcript

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