Commerce Secretary nominee signals end of jobs vs. environment myth

By Jim Cummings

President Obama has made an inspired pick in his nomination of John Bryson to be the next Secretary of Commerce.  Bryson co-founded the Natural Resources Defense Council, and has spent decades in the energy-business world; his nomination has been praised by both NRDC and the Chamber of Commerce, odd bedfellows indeed!

See coverage of the nomination from the NY Times; a look at the promising implications for healing the business vs. environment divide at Fast Company; Bloomberg reviews his business career, completely omitting mention of his role at NRDC; and USA Today centers its coverage on his green credentials.

Despite such widespread support, though, 44 GOP Senators are already pledging to filibuster his confirmation, not because they oppose him, but to hold the nomination hostage in order to pressure Obama to move forward on some trade agreements they want to see completed.  Say what? Promoters of American business keeping the cabinet department responsible for promoting American business headless?  A logic all their own, it appears…

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