Community-building in the post-mall world

By Greg Garvan

Did you know…I just heard that it has been eight years since a new shopping mall was built in this country.  That sounds like great news to me, who would be happy about anything that discourages people from mindless shopping.  However, as you probably guessed, what has significantly increased, especially in the past 2 years, is our online buying.  Good news for investments in companies that transport, but more curious to me is: what does this mean for our sense of community?

Over the past sixty years, as we morphed from the city to the suburbs to the mall (which became the hot social spot for for early-morning walkers and after-school teens), and from the church and temple to the mall and now our screens, where will we find a sense of community if we are not even leaving our homes to do much of our shopping?  This sure seems like a wonderful opportunity for progressive meet-up groups to expand our circles, and invite more folks in.

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Greg Garvan

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