Credit report tips can keep you a bit safer

The IRS released a “tax tip” right at the end of 2015, suggesting that individuals consider putting credit freezes on their credit reports.  In our view, a freeze probably makes most sense for those who, a) don’t expect to be applying for new credit anytime soon, and b) have some concerns about others in their orbit having access to your personal information.

While this won’t protect you against all avenues of identity theft, it does put a roadblock up on one primary area of abuse.  A freeze makes it much harder for anyone to open a new account in your name and, depending on what state you are in, costs between nothing and $15. You can lift a freeze if you are going to be applying for a new account somewhere, but beware that it may take up to two weeks to clear.  And remember, you can always get a free copy of your credit report at


Greg Garvan

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