Frazier featured in Financial Advisor magazine

NI’s James Frazier was recently profiled in Financial Advisor magazine, the trade magazine for our industry.  The focus was on his recently-launched Local Investing Resource Center, a groundbreaking web-based training program that aims to help both entrepreneurs and potential investors get up to speed on the best ways to put local money to work supporting local businesses.

It’s a great piece, and we urge you to check it out.  One of the interesting takeaways was his discussion about wanting to engage advisors in the effort. “I’d like to add a guide for financial advisors that would discuss what the different approaches are out there, how we do it and how other firms do it in terms of participating in that conversation around local investing. . . The money (clients) invest with local investments goes away from us and we can’t bill on that, so it’s tricky,” he continues. “Hardly any advisors out there encourage local investments, but being an advisor who’s willing to support it gives you a lot of loyalty and respect from clients, which ultimately is a business builder. And that’s what I’ve seen personally.”


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