Garvans featured on The Plenty Project

NI’s South Carolina team was recently highlighted by The Plenty Project, an online project aimed at supporting economic and environmental reforms:

The Buddhist ideal of “loving-kindness” is not only useful for social change, it helps with happiness, too. This ethic of wishing peace upon all beings on earth is also a practice to acknowledge that another’s contentment enhances one’s own. It awakens a sense of interdependence, common among world religions. Charles Eisenstein translates Jesus’ Golden Rule to, “As you do unto others, so you do unto yourself,” meaning, impoverishing another also impoverishes oneself. Indigenous traditions emphasize kinship among the human, winged, finned, furred, and even leafed creatures of the earth, along with rocks, soil, wind and water. Even physics and chemistry show that the molecules making up human cells are built from atoms borrowed from trees and animals and dirt.

Despite this interconnectedness, the ideal of rugged individualism defines America. As a nation, we believe utterly in our freedom to create the lives we imagine, and the world is indubitably made richer through our strivings. Where do these two ideals meet, and how might they open a path forward?

Brady Quirk-Garvan and his father Greg run Money With a Mission in Charleston, SC, a financial management firm that specializes in helping people align their money with their values. Brady worries about the majority of the population that doesn’t make it into their door, who might be interested in and benefit from a conscious money strategy but are unaware that they actually have surprising levels of control over their lives and the forces that influence them. For example, Greg and Brady can build a retirement portfolio devoid of fossil fuel investments, so a person isn’t saving for paradise on the one hand while funding climate unpredictability on the other. Artists, farmers and entrepreneurs seek help making a living at what they love, while others want to work less and spend more time with family. Other people trade eating out for cooking, go car-free (like a 6-person family in Huntington, WV!), or get engaged with public zoning decisions.

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