Garvans win local Green Business Challenge award

Garvan AwardNI’s Charleston, South Carolina team, Greg Garvan and Brady Quirk-Garvan, were honored with the highest Green Business Challenge award this year.  The “Live Oak” award recognized Greg and Brady’s efforts to promote environmental sustainability while enhancing profitability.   Upon receiving the award Greg Garvan said “For 20 years we’ve been committed to helping individuals connect their values and their financial life – it’s only natural that our business decisions would reflect those same goals.”

And just a week earlier, Brady was highlighted as a key “Westie” for his diverse community involvement in the West Ashley area of Charleston.  In addition to featuring advocacy and board of directors contributions, the piece focused on Brady’s work with NI:

During the day, Quirk-Garvan works along with his father doing business development for Natural Investments/‘Money With A Mission’. “We’re trying to help people be more intentional about their financial life.” Unlike many financial investment companies, who simply look at the bottom line, Natural Investments/‘Money With A Mission’ tries to match individuals up with investments that are in line with their values and encourage them to be conscious of what their money is actually supporting. “We’re not out here to say making money is a bad thing, we’re saying there is a better way to do it,” says Quirk-Garvan. “We’re trying to help people be more intentional about their financial life.” 


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    mark clayton


    Hello, I am an engineer/developer in SC getting ready to build offgrid condos with organic vegetable gardens in Greenville, SC. I would like to connect with the Garvans , could you pass along my info? Thanks, Mark


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