Ikea, Google Embrace Wind Energy

By Greg Garvan

TX WindFarm4CROPIn a very progressive move, Ikea stores have bought an almost finished wind farm in Illinois.  The wind farm will meet about 18 percent of the company’s total global demand, and more than 150% of the company’s U.S. electricity consumption from 38 stores, five distribution centers, two service centers and a factory.  But this isn’t just a feel-good headline opportunity for Ikea; they’ve set a goal of owning enough renewable generation to equal their entire corporate energy demand by 2020. This could represent a model for other corporations to invest deeper into alternative energy, and take full responsibility for their energy use.  What a great way to see them use their money to really make a difference!

UPDATE: Google is continuing its similar initiative, entering into a contract with an Iowa wind farm to supply enough electricity to fully supply the first phase of its new facility in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and to make wind-powered energy a cornerstone of the company’s future growth in the state.

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