Millennials with a cause: SRI favored by over half

By Brady Quirk-Garvan

As a member of the Millennial generation, I was excited to see this recent article that confirmed what I’d long suspected: each succeeding generation is more committed to Socially Responsible Investing than the preceding one, with over half of Millennials saying they consider social responsibility as an important factor in their investment choices.

This shouldn’t be surprising news given that millennials seem to support a broader and more progressive agenda from environmental concerns to GLBT rights. As we talked about this article around the office it raised some very good questions:

First, even though people say that social responsibility matters to them, have they brought this priority to their investment advisors, and have the advisors taken action?  And second, as “Green” continues to become cooler and more mainstream, how much of the SRI world is about marketing and how much of it is based on impact?

At Natural Investment’s we take these two questions very seriously. We actively engage our clients in questions about what matters to them and then turn around and push companies to make progress on the issues that matter to you. We’re constantly looking for ways to deepen our positive impact in the world, whether through community investment notes, or investing in companies that are building community, not just profit.

I encourage you to read the article (here’s that link again). More importantly I challenge you to ask both yourself and your current investment advisor those two questions. Their responses may say quite a bit about how sustainable your investments truly are.

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