NI launches new Fossil Fuel Free Portfolio

Have you been inspired by Bill McKibben’s call for divestment from the industries that are profiting from the continued spewing of greenhouse gasses into our overburdened atmosphere?  Do you wish you were on the Board of Directors of a college so that could make a difference by getting on the divestment bandwagon?  Well, we felt the same way, so we created a new portfolio for clients that lets you do just that.

The Natural Investments Fossil Fuel Free Portfolio, available from any of our advisors, includes ten fixed income and equity funds across six global asset categories that exclude fossil fuel extraction and exploration companies, and it is available to investors who wish to have conservative up to a moderately aggressive portfolio.  A portion of the advisory management fee is donated to non-profit organizations working on climate change and sustainability issues. The portfolio will also be available for 401(k) plans on the Social(k) platform soon.

Consistent with Natural Investments’ role as one of the nation’s leading sustainable, responsible, and impact investment advisors, the portfolio includes many other environmental, social, and governance criteria in addition to excluding fossil fuels.  Exclusions include tobacco, alcohol, military contractors, firearms, gambling and nuclear power, while the fund specifically includes clean technology, renewable energy, and green economy companies.  Other corporate practices that inform the selection of portfolio’s domestic and foreign holdings include labor standards, workplace and Board diversity, pollution and toxicity, animal cruelty, human rights, and product safety.  The fixed income portfolio, which includes short- and intermediate-term, high yield, federal agency, foreign, and responsible corporate bonds, also includes community development bonds to alleviate poverty, supports loans to low-income homeowners, students, farmers, and small businesspeople, and expands appropriate infrastructure such as public transportation and housing, schools, and hospitals.  

While the Fossil Fuel Free Portfolio is primarily a retail product that uses mutual funds, Natural Investments maintains a version for accredited investors that uses separate account managers in order to exclude additional fossil-fuel-related industries such as transportation, auto parts, and engines.

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