NI wins Pacific Edge “Commitment to Green” Award

By Michael Kramer

Natural Investments won the “Commitment to Green” business achievement award at the 2nd Annual Business Achievement Awards Gala held on May 31, 2012 in Honolulu and presented by Pacific Edge Magazine. The award honors an individual or business that has shown a commitment to sustainable, green living in:

  • promoting education and training
  • advocating green lawmaking and policies at the legislative level
  • engaging in green practices within their own organization
  • creating, sustaining or promoting programs in response to environmental issues
  • developing, implementing or sponsoring green events to get their community involved

The firm received the award in part due to its work in Hawaii to help pass the Sustainable Business Corporation status into Hawaii law in 2011, its leadership in forming the Kuleana Green Business Program, directing the Sustainability Association of Hawaii, and founding the Hawaii Alliance for a Local Economy, which it operates the Think Local Buy Local campaign.

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