Redefining the green movement

Michael Kramer

Our very own Michael Kramer was recently the subject of a glowing profile in Ke Ola, a magazine published in his home state of Hawai’i.  Titled The Triple Bottom Line: Michael Kramer redefines the green movement, the piece offers a good sense of Michael’s personality and of his lifelong commitment to creating a better world.  From activism in high school and college, his later work with permaculture and the Youth Ecology Corps, and continuing to his present life as a Natural Investments advisor and a leading advocate for evolutionary economic models in Hawai’i and nationwide, Michael’s story is inspiring.  Here’s a tidbit, but click on through that link above to read the whole thing!

Michael, a former student activist, has lived these principles all his life. As a child growing up on the outskirts of Los Angeles, he says his life’s passion began with a displaced family of owls when he was eight years old.

“It was fairly rural where I lived on the edge of the city, and I felt very connected to nature there. There was a family of owls living in a couple of huge trees. I listened to them every day,” Michael remembers.

He continues, “I came home from school one day and the trees had been cut down. I was just distraught. My mother noticed how upset I was and she pulled out a cassette recorder and said, ‘Why don’t you say how you feel?’ I gave my first speech. It was like a little campaign speech around the importance of saving the trees.”

Jim Cummings

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