Retirement “Two-Step” to Success

By Greg Garvan

No matter what year it is, or whether the stock market is up or down, retirement planning is a crucial aspect of your life planning.  I wish I had a silver bullet for that would target a perfect plan for all, but lacking that, here are two things can help create a more “successful” experience when it comes time to retire and live off what you’ve saved.  It’s never too early to start on these two steps, and if you do, I can almost promise a better life-after-work.

  1. Start being intentional now about your spending.  I’m not saying spend more, or less; just be more aware and intentional about what your spending is supporting.  Though the explicit goal isn’t to spend less, it’s nearly inevitable that you’ll find that mindful spending will increase the amount of savings you’re doing.
  2. Do you have an idea about the age at which you’d like to retire? Whatever it is, find work you love and work a few extra years.  Adding three or four years of paying into social security and generating a bit more income is most likely going to make a huge difference in your retirement success. Especially since you’ll be better at Step One at that stage of your life!

Adjust your sights now, and those decades of work-free time will be all the sweeter. Want to know more about financial life-planning, now and for later in life? Email me and I’ll be glad to help you move forward.


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