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The Impact of Buying Local

By Michael Kramer

Published July 4, 2012 in Big Island Weekly

HI buy local logoYou’ve probably seen the Think Local Buy Local logo in Big Island Weekly or in retail stores around the island. The Think Local Buy Local initiative was launched last year to raise awareness about how our spending choices can impact our families and communities. Think Local Buy Local is run by The Hawai‘i Alliance for a Local Economy (HALE) and is funded by the County of Hawai‘i, Department of Research and Development.

Hawai‘i Island’s consumers believe they are receiving greater value when they buy local. HALE recently asked over 200 shoppers about their most important purchasing criteria, and they indicated product quality, locally made products, price, and friendliness of staff, in that order. Hawai‘i island residents revealed in the survey that they feel a strong obligation to buy locally made products from retailers.

Purchasing locally made and grown products and services is better for the environment. Shipping things in and out of Hawai‘i burns carbon, which makes things more expensive here and heats up the planet — contributing to climate change, which threatens the ecosystems upon which life depends. Here in Hawai‘i, these changes damage our reefs and oceans, and the erratic weather patterns cause droughts that harm local agriculture. Building a local green economy can reduce the use of fossil fuels, decrease pollution and hopefully reverse global warming.

There is a quality of life aspect to “buy local,” as well.

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Michael Kramer receives B-Corp award


Natural Investments partner Michael Kramer was the recipient of an award announced at this year’s B-Corp Champion’s Retreat.  Michael was one of several people bestowed with the “I’m Just a Bill” Award, in recognition of his key role in moving Hawaii’s B-Corporation designation through the state legislature (as covered in this recent NI Blog post.)

While surprised and honored by the award, Michael was especially excited that the kudo was named after a classic Schoohouse Rock segment that he clearly remembers from his childhood.  For those of you a tad too old for this cultural reference, these were shorts presented in between the main Saturday morning cartoons, teaching kids various important lessons. In this case, as you might have guessed, the lesson was what it takes to move a bill from idea to law.  Check it out yourself (3 fun and educational minutes!) on YouTube.

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10 Steps to Embrace a Greener Lifestyle

Hawaii Hibiscus by Matsuda Yukihiro

Hawaii Hibiscus by Matsuda Yukihiro

By Michael Kramer

As you’re reading this article, go ahead and cross your arms as you usually would. If you notice, you can accomplish this effortlessly, without really thinking about it. Now, release this position and cross your arms again, only this time put the other arm on top. How awkward was that?

Human behavior is full of habitual practices, which is why doing something as simple as crossing your arms a different way isn’t a simple task.  We have similar habits in many aspects of our lives, from how we brush our teeth, cook our food, and study for tests to how we treat people, dress, and shop.  We also have very different tendencies when it comes to moving beyond our comfort zone and embracing change.

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