UN report urges investment in green tech, developing world

By Jim Cummings

The excellent Think Progress blog clued me in about the UN’s 2011 World Economic and Social Survey, which highlights the importance of investing in new technology to ensure a sustainable, safe, and prosperous future for our planet:

“The “green economy” has been promoted as the key concept in this regard—the concept that embodies the promise of a new development paradigm, whose application has the potential to ensure the preservation of the earth’s ecosystem along new economic growth pathways while contributing at the same time to poverty reduction.”

The Think Progress post goes on to highlight the report’s three key themes, all of which are familiar to Natural Investors.  Investing in green tech is the obvious one, but given equal importance is the necessity to invest in the resilience of societies in the developing world as they adapt to a changing climate.


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Jim Cummings

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