Video captures Michael’s nice overview of SRI, resilient investing

Last fall, NI Managing Partner Michael Kramer gave a 45-minute talk at a conference in his home state of Hawaii that offers an good introduction to socially responsible investing and our variation on the theme, resilient investing.  It catches Michael in a relaxed setting, and it’s recently been posted at the conference website (or click through to see it embedded below). Their teaser includes some of their favorite quotes from Michael’s talk:

“We think investors have a right to know. We want to require the disclosure of political contributions. I won’t use Verizon because I know how much money they contribute to the conservative side of the political equation… Imagine if all companies were required to disclose that publicly then you would know that and could make a decision about whether you want to own that company.” (Timecode 21:40).

“We have not fixed hardly any of the problems that caused that financial meltdown eight years ago… It is still going on because the Republicans in congress want to treat the economy like the Wild West.” (Timecode 22:20).

“Community Investing is stuff outside of the stock and bond market. These types of entities are recirculating capital locally and really helping regular people.When you put money in a big bank, the money is going all over the world and you have no idea what they are investing in. They could be investing in nuclear power plants and things you don’t agree with. These Community Investing Institutions only invest in their members locally and the communities in which they operate.” (Timecode 25:15).

“If you really want to diversify the way you are investing then you should be investing in all three asset types: personal, tangible and financial. Most people just invest in stocks, bonds. Don’t just do that. If the financial system has hiccups in the future you want to be protected. We want to think about what else we can invest in that is local and community based. The real resilient life requires you to assess how you’re doing in each of these nine zones.” (Timecode 38:04)

Michael answers the following questions from the audience:

  • What are the risks in doing socially responsible investing?
  • Do you have a way to determine the companies that are most unsustainable?
  • If you have an old 401k can you move it to these socially responsible funds without any consequences?

The video is also viewable in YouTube here.

Live Speaker at VegFest Oahu 2016: Michael Kramer - Socially Responsible Investing

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Michael Kramer

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