Why 350.org’s divestment campaign is on the money

This month’s GreenBiz.com column by NI partner Michael Kramer backs Bill McKibben’s campaign urging institutional divestment from companies whose primary businesses profit from the continuing reckless exploration, extraction, and burning of fossil fuels.  Just after publication, it’s the lead story on the GreenBiz home page.

Read the whole piece here.  A teaser:

Yes, one can profit in the short term off these industries, or get in on the latest environmental insanity caused by hydraulic fracturing, but this process of extracting financial gain from environmentally stupid business practices must end, especially if one claims to invest in a sustainable or responsible manner. To invest in fossil fuels as if there were no real consequences ignores their direct contribution to ecosystem collapse. Do we truly want to wait until the effects of climate change are irreversible and life threatening before we realize we should change our behavior? The warning signs are already upon us.

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