Women Invested: Susan Baker

Trillium Asset Management | Vice President, Shareholder Advocacy

Susan has over 20 years’ experience in the investment industry. Mentored early in her career by Joan Bavaria, the founder of Trillium Asset Management and a pioneer in the field of responsible and sustainable investing, Susan has long believed that women’s voices and leadership skills are important and beneficial to the investment field. She has held several positions at Trillium and for the past ten years, has been a member of Trillium’s Shareholder Advocacy team, leading direct communication with company leadership on issues including board and workplace diversity, human and labor rights, and environmental health. Susan lives in Arlington, Massachusetts with her husband, George. She can be frequently found tending their tomato garden, hiking and keeping up with the lives of her two grown children.

Women Invested Interview with Susan Baker of Trillium Asset Management

Women Invested Interview with Susan Baker – Transcript


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