How We Work With Clients

couple-bridgeWhat happens when you contact us about investing?

Your story matters to us. We want to hear about your life, your interests, and your goals. If you’re like us, you care about the world but you want to assure your money is managed responsibly. We know you need to confirm that we can be trusted with your savings. Because clear and honest communication forms the basis of any relationship, we want to hear your life goals, share our respective passions, and answer your questions.

Complete our Questionnaire

This helps you to clarify your personal financial goals, your tolerance for risk, and your social impact priorities. Your NI advisor will talk this over with you, asking questions and listening to what you want from your portfolio and what you want to support with your investments. If you care about social justice, environmental sustainability, or the local economy, we want to hear what matters to you.

Based on these conversations, your advisor drafts an “Investment Policy Statement.”

The strategy for how your portfolio is initially invested is defined in this document. It spells out your comfort level with risk, your investment goals, how long you anticipate investing, any current or future income needs, tax sensitivity, and of course, the social and environmental issues you want reflected in your portfolio. This document includes a schedule of specific investment suited to your circumstances and goals. Meanwhile, your investment accounts will be set up and the assets transferred into them, so that once you approve of the strategy and sign the Investment Policy Statement, it’ll be time to start investing.

Once your portfolio is invested, you can view your investments through your Personal Portal

We know that even though investing is a long-term proposition, you want to monitor the annual rate of return of your investments. Through a sophisticated but easy-to-use secure website, you can view the overall performance of the portfolio as well as each account and specific investments. Your advisor is certainly available to talk about your portfolio at any time, though the portfolio holdings are typically adjusted on a quarterly basis and may be rebalanced more frequently to match the model asset allocation.

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