Accredited Investors

Private Equity

Many opportunities exist for accredited investors to help innovative enterprises get off the ground or expand. These investments focus primarily on the sectors of the green economy as well as companies that have a triple- or quadruple-bottom-line operational commitment to environmental, social, cultural, and financial performance. Such investments — individual companies or venture capital or private equity funds — can support low-income owners and communities here or abroad and facilitate the transition to sustainable or resilient lifestyles and technologies. Private investments that help people and are environmentally sensitive or regenerative offer a different risk profile than publicly traded securities and can provide a more hands-on relationship to what you own.

Family Offices

We currently support family offices with the transition to values-based investments. We help family members individually and collectively clarify an Investment Social Policy that reflects their social priorities and common ideals. We can directly manage assets using separate account managers, social venture and private equity firms, and community development financial institutions, or work as ongoing consultants to make recommendations in all asset classes to investment professionals already working with these families.

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