Non-Profits & Foundations

forest-skyscapeIf you want your money to reflect the mission of your organization and the values of your members or beneficiaries, we can help. Many of our advisors have previously worked in the non-profit sector and continue to support this important social and environmental work through volunteering and donating 1% of our gross revenues to these causes, so we have a special interest in helping your organization align your mission with your money. We currently work with local and national non-profit and foundations, and can help any mission-based institution to integrate socially responsible and impact investments within the parameters of fiduciary responsibility. As a consultant or a custodian of your assets, we can facilitate the creation of an Investment Social Policy, select and monitor investment managers, and advise Board of Directors, Trustees, and existing investment professionals on the impact of sustainable and responsible investments across all asset classes.

For philanthropic entities, we understand your desire to have your purpose reflected in the corpus of your endowment and blended with the intentions of your charitable contributions and beneficiaries. We therefore structure investment allocations that consider your values while providing needed income, assuring appropriate liquidity, and supporting long-term appreciation using both innovative private debt and equity vehicles and public securities. We share your interest in making the deepest positive social and environmental impact possible, and as such we seek cutting-edge opportunities that offer substantive solutions to today’s problems and help democratize access to capital for those populations, communities, and ecosystems who need it the most.

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