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At Natural Investments, we offer something unique: a small company with a nationwide, collaborative network of independent offices. Each member of our team brings his or her own particular passion and specialties to project and portfolio development. This synergistic approach benefits all of our clients.

Each of our clients has a working relationship with one of our advisors. Many clients choose advisors that are nearby; others choose advisors that specialize in a specific area of interest. Reach out to anyone you’d like to explore working with. And if you need help deciding, please contact us.

Financial Advisors

AMY PENDER | NY: Fossil fuel free, green and impact investing, financial and life planning, women and couples; background in arts and education

ANDY LOVING + SUSAN TAYLOR | KY: Social justice; community investing; private equity and debt; strong ecumenical foundations

CARRIE VAN WINKLE | KY: Women & couples, green investing, social justice, fossil fuel free, local investing; mindfulness with money

CHRISTOPHER PECK | CA: Resilient investing, holistic financial and life planning, smart home buying and development, regenerative farming

ERIC SMITH | WA: Sustainable, responsible, impact investing strategies since 1986; serving individuals, families, and organizations

EVAN QUIRK-GARVAN | NC: Young adult and Millennial focus; impact investing, community investing, and rural sustainability

GREG GARVAN | SC: Big-picture financial planning; intentional use of your money for impact investments, charitable giving, and activism

GREG PITTS | NY: Fossil fuel free focus, investing for impact, financial planning, sustainable living, background in physics

HAL BRILL | CO: Integral investing, green neighborhoods, and conscious evolution; background in cultural geography and environmental education

James Frazier | WA + HI: Investing in Solutions: Social justice, a healthy environment, and local community empowerment

Malaika Maphalala | OR + HI: Sustainable community, regenerative agriculture, social justice, and alleviation of global poverty

MICHAEL KRAMER | HI: Innovations in local economies, government economic planning, shareholder advocacy, and permaculture

RYAN JONES-CASEY | MN: Impact investing strategies, fossil fuel free portfolios, social justice focus

SCOTT SECREST | CA: Tracking patterns in the economy as a whole; director of Natural Investments’ investment research team

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We offer Socially Responsible Investing portfolio management and financial planning/consulting services to clients nationwide.


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