What is Natural Investing?

Natural Investing is for everyone!

At Natural Investments, we believe that most people want to be helpful and kind, and that most want to leave the world a better place for their children and future generations. We believe that these qualities are “natural”, and that it is natural to include these basic human tendencies in every decision.

We define “Natural Investing” as actively seeking to balance the need for financial return with the yearning to make life a little better for others and for the Earth.

We serve clients large and small with customized portfolios that fulfill each person’s social and environmental concerns. To do this, we work with mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and other instruments, using three Socially Responsible Investment strategies.

Our three investment strategies are…

Screened Corporate Investing avoids companies and industries that do harm, seeks companies that work for a better world, and uses shareholder activism to change companies from the inside.

Community Investing puts money into the hands of local people who are building economic justice in communities around the world.

Regenerative & Impact Investing is the next generation of Socially Responsible Investing, financing deep green sustainability and social justice enterprises as well as cutting-edge innovation that has the potential to “change the system”.

We are excited to be pushing the edge of the Socially Responsible Investment world, building on three decades of investment success and innovating for a better world. Join us, and together we can help create the world we all want to live in!

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