Sustainable, Socially Responsible, and Impact Investing

You can align your values with your money!

At Natural Investments, we know that you want to save for your future while making the world a better place for your children and future generations. You care about your health, the environment, and justice and equality. You want corporations to act ethically and responsibly, and you want to foster a society that alleviates poverty and provides for our food, shelter, and energy in ways that are sustainable and don’t cause harm to people and the planet.

Whether you’re an individual, family, organization, or institution, you can address the social and environmental issues you care about through a customized investment portfolio that steers you clear of what you find objectionable and supports the transition to a more just and regenerative economy. Through mutual funds, stocks, bonds, community investments, and other socially responsible instruments, your financial assets can be the change you wish to see in the world using three investment strategies:

Our three investment strategies are…

Screened Corporate Investing avoids companies and industries that do harm, seeks companies that work for a better world, and uses shareholder activism to change companies from the inside.

Community Investing puts money into the hands of local people who are buying homes, starting businesses, and creating resilient and thriving neighborhoods around the world.

Impact & Regenerative Investing finances private, deep green sustainability and mission-oriented enterprises and innovative projects that can change the economic system, improve the health of natural systems, and foster social, cultural, and racial empowerment.

Together, these cutting-edge socially responsible investments help to evolve humanity and create the society you want to live in, and because of our 30+ years of expertise in this arena, we can help you achieve your personal financial goals while influencing the course of civilization.

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