Invest in Black Economic Liberation

The 2020 protests against police brutality towards Black Americans highlight both the institutional racism of the criminal justice system and the economic disparities facing people of color in this country. To combat racism, Natural Investments is making a long-term commitment to the principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI).

To support and build Black economic power, financial capital must be channeled to community development organizations and enterprises operated by and for the benefit of Black individuals, families, businesses, and communities. Natural Investments hosted a virtual community event on how to “Invest in Black Economic Liberation”.

Invest in Black Economic Liberation

Presentation: Invest in Black Economic Liberation

In addition to our guest speakers from Self-Help Credit Union and Better Banking Options, we cultivated a list of guides, tools, and capital resources shared by attendees. Whether you have limited financial resources or are a multi-millionaire, you can activate your money life to support Black economic liberation.







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