Impact & Regenerative Investing

boulders-skyAs individuals and as a company, we at Natural Investments have consistently found ourselves at the leading edges of creating the change we want to see in the world.

In this period of rapid change, innovation tends to come from people who think in new ways and create innovative solutions to the world’s challenges. Opportunities abound locally and globally in sustainable food and forestry, renewable energy and energy efficiency, clean technology, green building, and more through new investment vehicles that decentralize and democratize the economic system and create greater community resiliency.

This exciting realm we call impact and regenerative investing because it channels financial resources into endeavors that mimic natural systems, creating cycles of life and opportunity and minimizing toxic social and environmental outputs. In this manner, you can help assure that future generations will share in the bounty we all are called upon to steward.

It includes social venture capital, ecosystem services, and private debt and equity opportunities that build soils and grow food and trees, restore watersheds, strengthen communities through local ownership, business incubation and coworking, and worker-owned cooperatives, reuse and recycle, redevelop degraded areas, and foster the sharing and caring economy. Some of these opportunities are limited to high net worth investors, but if you can afford to take on some added risk, you can support truly innovative projects and companies that are aiming to be models of the green economy and a just society.


One of the most important questions socially respon­sible investors ask is, “What impact does my dollar have?” At Natural Investments, over $650M of clients’ assets were placed in socially responsible, sustainable, and impact investments in 2019.

We know that you strongly believe in strengthening local economies. Over $241M is invested in community development products, including municipal bonds and community development notes that support affordable housing, schools, healthcare clinics, assisted living centers, small businesses, and appropriate infrastructure that strengthens communities and protects ecosystems.

Finally, because you wish to support resilience and evolve the economic system through innovation, $90M of assets supports high-impact private investments in such areas as regenerative farmland, economic devel­opment of indigenous communities, water restoration projects and clean energy.

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